Motivation Factors while Selecting Right Candidate for Job

Motivation Factors

Before selecting the best candidates for the jobs, you will have to check hundreds of resumes. Moreover, you will have to conduct in-person or phone interviews. While selecting the right candidate that will fit your team, you will have to consider various factors. First, you will have to read their body language during the in-person interviews. Secondly, you will have to focus on the experience level of the candidates. Thirdly, you will have to evaluate the work ethics of the employees. Fourthly, you will also try to know about their passions. Along with these things, you should also look for the motivation factors while selecting the right candidates. Here, we will discuss the best motivation factors that you should consider while selecting the right candidate for the job.


Development is one of the best motivation factors while selecting the right candidates for the job. The research is showing that employees are giving importance to those jobs that are offering career development opportunities. It is also the best way to make the employees self-dependent. You can also encourage employees to work effectively in the workplace. It also provides help to the employees to enhance their inputs at the workplace. The businessmen can also use this factor to enhance loyalty, motivation and retention of the employees. This thing will create a sense among the employees to believe in the organization and to work for the progress of the organization. The companies can also use this factor to enhance the employees to work harder.

Reward and Recognition:

No doubt, reward and recognition both come hand in hand. While hiring the right candidate for the job, you can also use these motivation factors. Here, you should understand that you can’t motivate the employees just by recognizing their work. Its reason is that if you will recognize the good work of the employees, it has a limited shelf life. If you will not combine it with rewards, it will start to lose its impact. You should ask the employees that if they will show exceptional performance, they will provide awards along with recognizing their work. Anyhow, you can provide awards to employees in various ways. For example, you can provide incentives to employees; you can also provide trip vouchers and much more.

Work-Life Balance:

If you want to nurture employees, work-life balance is also one of the best motivation factors. For example, you can offer flexible working hours. You can also offer vacations during the month. It means that you should take all steps to create a healthy work-life balance. In the absence of a healthy work-life balance, the employees will lose their hope. As a result, it will be difficult to you to motivate them for work. On the other hand, motivated employees will go above and beyond to do everything for the company. If you want to enhance the productivity of the employees, you should involve employees in those activities that will promote health and well-being.

Positive Work Environment:

According to a dissertation help firm, when you will offer a positive work environment to employees, it is also one of the best motivation factors for employees. Here, we should consider both physical and non-physical work environments. In the physical environment, there comes office space and other surrounding areas. The employees like to work in open spaces. Its reason is that these open spaces stimulate the senses of the employees. In the non-physical work environment, there comes your interaction with employees. Here, you will have to focus on creating a friendly environment for employees. You should also provide value to the employees through communication and engagement. The managers should provide regular feedback to employees. They can also create a positive environment for employees by creating continuous open dialogues. While providing this open communication environment, they should be honest and trustworthy.

Offer Flexible Scheduling:

No doubt, technology has changed business operations. Moreover, it has also changed our ways of work. It has provided means for businesses and workers to work from their homes. When you will offer flexible scheduling to employees, it is also one of the best motivation factors for them. For example, you can allow them to check work emails from their homes. You can also allow employees to finish the projects from their laptops. The Forbes study is showing that if you will offer flexible scheduling to employees, you can satisfy almost 46% of the respondents. Moreover, 86% of the employees are searching for those companies that are offering flexible scheduling.

Good Wages:

You may be thinking that money should be at the top of the list of motivation factors. Here, you should understand that it is not a motivator. Anyhow, if you are not meeting your basic needs, it can become a real motivator. Under such a situation, the employees will try to do everything necessary for survival. When you will offer good wages to employees based on their performance, this thing can also motivate them to show the best performance. Along with offering good wages, you should also give them the respect that they deserve.

Opportunities for Learning:

No doubt, when you will hire the employees, they may not be perfect. Therefore, you should check the skills of the employees. After checking these skills, you should work on enhancing the skills of the employees. When you will provide learning opportunities to the employees, you can motivate the employees. This encouragement and support will make them the better version of the job. The LinkedIn research is showing that if companies work on improving the skills of the employees, 94% of the employees stay on their jobs. Several studies are also showing the importance of providing better learning opportunities to the employees.


No doubt, if you are hiring the employees, you will have to offer salaries to them. Anyhow, if you want to hire the right candidates for the jobs, you will have to offer something extra than paychecks. Its reason is that there are various job opportunities for talented employees. To get the attention of these talented employees, you should offer the best development opportunities. You can also invest money in polishing the skills of the employees. If employees are showing extraordinary results, you can provide rewards and recognition to them. A positive work environment and flexible scheduling also matter for employees. At last, you should combine these things with good wages. Without these motivation factors, it is difficult to hire the right candidates for jobs.

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