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Gifting is a culture that has been running since the ages. Gifting is not about showing off your wealth but a token of love to express the feelings you have for the recipient. There are many occasions in India where gifting is considered a ceremony. Like Raksha Bandhan, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, diwali, holi etc. 

But some occasions are not about gifting to a single recipient. But it is about family, and that is when we get confused about what to get as a gift. Family gifting can be difficult as it requires to cater to every single individual of the family. 

Occasions like family get-together, housewarming parties, Diwali, Holi, you can’t just get a gift for one of the family members because that’s not the culture. 

These days there are various gift options available in the market as well as online shopping websites. You can send gifts online to your family.

If you are invited to a family get-together or a housewarming party, you must be looking for family gift options. Here I have curated a list of gift ideas that you can get for the whole family.


Combos are the most loved gift when it comes to giving to more than one person. Combos are the combination of two or more versatile things that work for everyone irrespective of age and gender. There are combos available in decor pieces, eatables, dry fruits, flowers, cakes etc. You can choose the combo according to the occasion. Also, you can make a personalised combo on your own depending on the choices of the family, if you are aware of it. Flowers with chocolate combo, snacks combo, dessert combo etc. are most loved. These are available in various varieties and in different shops and stores. These combos are the most appreciated gifts during festival season. 


Another most favourite gift option for families. Hampers are basically combinations of various knick-knacks that are put together in a way that each compliments the other. These hampers have things for all the members of the family. Like health care hamper, skin-care hamper, decor hamper, chocolate hamper etc. These are versatile and can be used by every member of the house regardless of age and gender. You can also customise the hamper if you are aware of the number of the members of the family. You can keep things that will cater to everybody’s requirements. You can also send gifts to India from Singapore via online delivery services. You can choose these hampers from online gifting websites for more variety and trending stuff. 

Family pack-

There are certain things that are available in family packs, i.e., in large amounts that everyone can use. So you can choose such family pack gifts. Also, there are subscriptions, health cards etc. which are useful for the whole family and thus are a great gift option. You can get a Netflix subscription, Hotstar subscription, Pathology health cards etc. There are certain snacks, desserts, dry fruits that are available in the family pack, so you can get them as well. 

Versatile gifts-

There are certain things that are versatile and are applicable to everyone regardless of age and gender. Such as gadgets, plants, home decor, eatables etc. They are common and do not cater to a single person. So it can be included in family gifts. Water bottles, a microwave, a certain piece of furniture, bedsheets, curtains are also appreciated as family gifts. Fitness stuff like yoga mat, hula hoop, skipping rope are also great gift options for a family. 

Personalised gifts-

Personalised gifts are trending in the market these days, and everyone is looking forward to getting one from their loved ones. Personalised gifts for the family can be a picture frame or something that is most prevalent in the family and liked by all. Such as there are certain families where reading is a tradition, you can get them books, a kindle or an audio-book subscription. The name plate can be another very personalised gift option for a family. 

Whatever you choose to get for the family, just make sure you cater to everyone, otherwise it will sound very odd. Family gifting can be easy if you put a little thought before buying anything. I hope you liked and found the article helpful. 

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